Research Needs

One advantage of dynamic, web-based recovery plans is that real-time research needs can be presented and discussed. Using a WordPress base, the best approach is to introduce new ideas in blog posts that are open to comments. Below are a few examples of research that could be useful for green sea turtle conservation.

Rookery trend estimates

Motivation The most recent green sea turtle five-year review indicates the population trends at ~20 large rookeries is unknown. Effective allocation of conservation resources requires better knowledge of the status …
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Climate change effects on green sea turtle sex ratios

Motivation Turtles are among the best examples of taxa with environmental sex determination: if eggs incubate above a certain temperature then the individual will be male, otherwise female. While climate …
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Ecosystem effects of green sea turtle migration

Motivation Metaecosystems are patchily distributed collections of biotic and abiotic entities and processes. Because of their large size, longevity, extensive migrations, and use of marine and terrestrial environments, green sea …
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Cumulative take authorized

Motivation Section 7 consultation provides a mechanism through which take can be authorized, as long as doing so will not jeopardize a species existence or result in the destruction or …
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